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micro-credential at cu?

What is a Micro-credential?

A micro-credential is a short-term, post-secondary credential that equips learners with specific career critical knowledge, skills and abilities that can be readily transferred to the workplace.

Current micro-credentials offered by Cameron University:


Associated Course

Agribusiness Sales Training

AGRC 3001 Professional Agribusiness Sales Training

Beef Cattle Artificial Insemination

AGRC:3002: Workshop: Artificial Insemination

Calculator Fundamentals

BUS 3881 - Calculator

Classroom Management

EDUC 5713

Curriculum Development

EDUC 5333

Differentiated Instruction


Drone Piloting and Licensure

JRMP 3722: Drone Piloting and Videography or AGRC 3002: Drone Piloting and Videography

Employment Law

BUS 3881 – Employment Law

Essentials of Cost/Managerial Accounting

ACCT 2023

Essentials of Financial Accounting

ACCT 2013

Fundamentals of Accounting

ACCT 2013 & ACCT 2023


Associated Course

Law for Entrepreneurs

Successful completion of micro-credentials in Strategies for Asset Protection, Employment Law, and Social Media Law and Ethics


EDUC 5573

Livestock Ultrasound

AGRC 3002: Repro-scan Ultrasounds Workshop

Managing Human Resources

MGMT 3513


EDUC 5073

Personal Finance

FIN 2113

Small Enterprise Management

MGMT 4033

Social Media Law and Ethics for Entrepreneurs

BUS 3881 – Social Media Law

Strategies for Asset Protection

BUS 3881 – Asset Protection

Teaching Struggling Readers

EDUC 5603

Teaching Students with Exceptionalities

SPED 5203


  • Complete your admission application at CU: Apply Here.
    • Note: When asked, select “non-degree seeking” as your academic program. Admission documents (such as transcript) may be required for some micro-credential courses.
  • After receiving verification of acceptance to CU, contact the Academic Advising Center ( or 580-581-6741) to enroll in the CU course(s)/workshop(s) which is associated with the micro-credential.
  • Check with the course instructor to see if a scholarship is available. 
  • Complete the course(s), meeting the grade requirement for the credential.
  • Learn more about available micro-credentials at